Residential Maintenance
You’ve invested a lot in your heating and cooling system, so let us take care of it for you. Through annual maintenances and protection plans, you protect your investment and ensure the manufacturer warranty stays valid. Upgrading to a protection plan allow for an extended warranty once the unit is no longer under manufacturer warranty.

Precision Tune Up
A Precision Tune Up is basic maintenance for your unit. The technician will follow a detailed checklist that surpasses the manufacturer maintenance requirementsto clean and inspect your unit. Safeties will be tested and drains will be cleared. All moving parts will be tested and lubricated as necessary. At the end of the visit, the technician goes over the findings with you.

We Care Maintenance Plan
A We Care Maintenance Plan is an upgraded version of the Precision Tune-Up. This plan is activated with by a Precision Tune-up, and has a low monthly payment. Benefits of a WeCare Maintenance Plan include no overtime charges, a free precision tune-up after each year, priority service, 20% off regular rate repairs, 5% off of the purchase of a new unit, and $50 off the initial presicion tune-up.

We Care Protection Plus
A We Care Protection Plus Plan is the premium version of our maintenance plans. Again, it is activated by a Precision Tune-up (with the $50 discount) and annual precision tune-ups to maintain the unit. Added to the benefits of the We Care Maintenance Plan is that there are no diagnostic or repair charges! Plus, there is no dollar limit to the repairs. A Protection Plus plan does have some restrictions, such as compressors and heat exchangers aren’t covered.
*Purchase 2 primary plans and save 10%. Purchase 3 primary plans and save 15%. All plans renew annually.

Commercial Maintenances
You’ve invested a lot in your business’s Heating and Cooling systems, so let us help extend the life of the units through annual and semi-annual maintenances. Visits can include a full maintenance with filter and belt changes, just filter and belt changes, or maintenance without filters and belts. All maintenance proposals are customized to the customer’s equipment, service needs and desired visits per year. Billing can be arranged for an invoice after each visit or invoiced periodically throughout the year.
Contact our Commercial department in our Hanover office for more information or to request a quote.