Venting the bathroom

grass-966349_1920 Bathrooms are used for a multitude of reasons throughout the day, and special attention is given to this hot spot to ensure that germs are kept at bay. However, if your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation, your bathroom is a hotbed for mold, mildew and bacteria.

Due to the usage of a bathroom, there is often excess humidity or moisture, which assists in degrading the indoor air quality in your home – should your humidity levels hit certain levels.

Poor ventilation can also make getting ready for the day or to go out difficult. If you use your bathroom to do your hair and make up, left over humidity from a shower means a foggy mirror, warm air that might not let make up set, and fighting with the humidity to style your hair. An efficient ventilation method will help significantly in lowering the humidity level quicker after a shower.

Bathroom fan
Installing a properly sized bathroom fan (based on the size of the bathroom and the type of shower installed), so it has ample capacity for your bathrooms requirements. The fan should be installed close to the shower, a distance from the HVAC vents, and should be properly vented outside.
Venting the fan into the attic or garage may seem like an option, but really isn’t recommended. Best operation has the venting going outside.
The bathroom fan should either be controlled by a switch, timer or motion activated. The time or motion activated are the better options, as they are designed to stay on after the room is vacated. A switch has to be remembered to be turned on and off.

Air Exchanger
Frequently known as an HRV or ERV, an air exchanger is a whole home ventilation system, so a great option if you have multiple bathrooms. The unit is usually installed in the mechanical room/area of the house, and can be connected directly into your duct system or have separate runs to your bathrooms and kitchen. Controlled by crank timers or push buttons, it is designed to continue operating after you leave the bathroom.

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