What is a heat pump?

With the Ontario government’s leaked cap & trade proposal, heat pumps and geothermal received a little bit of attention. What is this home heating source that was possibly the goal for 2030 for new builds?
mountains-542971_1920A heat pump is a highly efficient piece of heating and cooling equipment that runs on electricity and utilizes the air (air source heat pump) or ground (geothermal) to draw heat and transfers that heat into the home. During cooling season, it takes the heat from the home and puts it back into the earth or air depending on the source. Efficiencies range from 200% up to 430% depending on the model and type of heat pump (geothermal units have higher efficiencies than air source units).
The heat pump is an energy efficient, green heating and cooling source. It works best and most energy efficient when kept at a steady temperature.

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